Dear Friends,

We all know that attachment, craving and desire are powerful emotions. Under their sway of which we act contrary to our real nature. In this 1/2 day class we will explore how to uproot and become free from the hallucinogenic-like drug of attachment and find deep happiness, well-being, and peace. 

Happiness is what we all want and because we think pleasant feelings are real happiness we crave them. We crave the "happiness" that comes from coffee, from food, from praise, from shopping, from intoxicants, from sex and all manner of other other objects of desire. The stronger our desire the stronger our agitation, discontent, and suffering. Instead of bringing us happiness, uncontrolled desire bring us to a dead end. The reality is that we all experience the pain of attachment and in some cases it can destroy our relationships, our career, or even our precious human life. Further, as our world becomes increasingly materialistic and we become marketed to 24/7 it is important that we get a handle on desire so that we can find a happy life that is free from this negative influence.

Within Buddhism we learn what attachment is, how to control it, and how to become free from it. We learn what true happiness is and how to create it. We learn how to live happy and healthy lives that are fulfilling and meaningful. I look forward to sharing a some of the gentle yet powerful spiritual tools that come from Buddha. These tools will enable you to:

  • Relate differently and constructively to your self and your feelings

  • Strengthen your wisdom and determination through meditation

  • Develop confidence through a psychology of success

By learning about Buddhist thinking and applying what we learn, we can transform our mind and our life into an experience of great satisfaction and true freedom. I hope that you will join us this weekend for what will be an enlightening, healing, and inspiring class. 

Gen Menla, Resident Teacher of KMC Texas