Class Topics


May: How to Transform Your Life

Although we all wish to be happy and avoid problems, we constantly meet with problems and difficulties in our daily life. In this series we will show clearly that the correct way for reducing our problems and increasing our happiness is by changing our mental attitudes from negative to positive. Learn practical methods for bringing about this change in our mind so that we can attain pure and everlasting happiness and freedom from misery.

In the series we will look at:

  • Improving relationships with greater acceptance and love
  • Reducing and overcoming anxiety and fear
  • How to improve ourself through positive change

May- Tues in Ft. Worth only: Healing Our Body and Mind

In Buddhism we use meditation for healing body and mind. Buddha taught that the main causes of disease and sickness are found in the mind.  Many of the problems we experience, including ill-health are initiated or aggravated by stress and tension in the mind. By learning to purify our mind and reduce stress in our lives we can heal body and mind and prevent illness manifesting and when sickness does occur it can become easier to deal with and heal if we react with a peaceful and happy mind.

June: Love, Desire & Relationships

We all want to enjoy our relationships. However we can suffer from unrealistic expectations, dissatisfaction and conflict because we do not understand the difference between love and uncontrolled desire, also known as attachment. Although they are often confused, love and attachment are completely different. Love is the source of all happiness in our relationships and attachment is the source of all the pain and problems. If we learn to reduce our attachment and increase our love, then our mind and our relationships will definitely improve.

July: Breaking Bad Habits

We all have habits that seem hard to break. Unfortunately, many of these habits also make us unhappy or even harm our health. Eben though we try very hard, sometimes we feel helpless to change. Through understanding Buddha's teachings, we can gain confidence in our potential to change. We can then replace even our most stubborn habits with profoundly beneficial ways of thinking and living that always lead to peace and happiness, both for ourselves and others.

August: Finding Stillness Within

For as long as our mind remains turbulent and distracted in an external search for happiness, we will not have the opportunity to enjoy its natural purity and clarity. But through learning to control the mind in meditation, we will definitely find happiness from a different sournce- the peace and stillness within our own mind.

September: Mind @ Work

We spend so much of our time at work, but job pressures and interpersonal conflicts can make this time feel stressful and unrewarding. However, through learning how our mind works and following Buddha's practical advice for training our mind, we can transform our difficulties into opportunities for inner growth and development. By changing our attitude from negative to positive, we can remain calm under pressure and become a source of inspiration to others.