Class Topics

These topics are for our weekday evening classes in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Denton.

August: Finding Stillness Within

For as long as our mind remains turbulent and distracted in an external search for happiness, we will not have the opportunity to enjoy its natural purity and clarity. But through learning to control the mind in meditation, we will definitely find happiness from a different sournce- the peace and stillness within our own mind.

September: The Mind @ Work

We spend so much of our time at work, but job pressures and interpersonal conflicts can make this time feel stressful and unrewarding. However, through learning how our mind works and following Buddha's practical advice for training our mind, we can transform our difficulties into opportunities for inner growth and development. By changing our attitude from negative to positive, we can remain calm under pressure and become a source of inspiration to others.

October: Solutions for Anxious Times

The uncertainties, dangers and lack of control that we experience in life can often make us feel worried, anxious or afraid. his seems to be one of our greatest challenges today. Through Buddhist wisdom we can learn how to overcome the causes of anxiety and live without fear. Through developing positive mental habits, in and out of meditation, we can learn to approach life with confidence and eventually come to experience the peace of mental freedom.

November: Overcoming Anger

Anger is one of our most common and destructive emotions, afflicting us to a greater or lesser degree, almost every day. It destroys our peace and happiness and it impels us to engage in negative actions. The opponent to anger is patient acceptance and if we are seriously interested in learning how to be happy, there is no practice more important than this. This series of classes will explain how o develop patience and pply practical methods for becoming free from irritation, annoyance, and anger in our daily life.