Class Topics

These topics are for our weekday evening classes in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Denton.


November: Overcoming Anger

Anger is one of our most common and destructive emotions, afflicting us to a greater or lesser degree, almost every day. It destroys our peace and happiness and it impels us to engage in negative actions. The opponent to anger is patient acceptance and if we are seriously interested in learning how to be happy, there is no practice more important than this. This series of classes will explain how o develop patience and pply practical methods for becoming free from irritation, annoyance, and anger in our daily life.

December: Authentic Love

Authentic love is not something we ‘fall in,’ rather it is something we nurture in our hearts. It is not something we reserve for just one person, but instead is a powerful mind of cherishing that we can learn over time to extend to everyone.   In this series, we will go step-by-step into the experience of this pure and universal love. Developing such a love will strengthen all our relationships, as well as bestow upon us a deep and lasting happiness.

January: Meditations for Transformation

Nowadays, with the world in turmoil, we need to find creative, effective ways to end suffering, and make ourselves and others happy. By transforming our minds and hearts through the practice of meditation, we can truly make a difference in our world.