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A Special Saturday Course: Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life

  • KMC Texas- Richardson Branch 999 East Arapaho Road, Suite 330 Richardson, TX, 75081 United States (map)
Gen-la Jampa is the NKT Deputy Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher of KMC Texas.

Gen-la Jampa is the NKT Deputy Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher of KMC Texas.

Please note our location & schedule change.

In this special Saturday course, Gen-la Keslang Jampa will give essential commentary to the text Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life teaching us how to live a life of great meaning and altruism through following the compassionate path of a Bodhisattva. This path moves us from a state of conflict and suffering to a state of peace and happiness, and quickly leads us to the supreme inner peace of enlightenment.  

"If we genuinely want to realize our potential by attaining full enlightenment we need to increase the scope of our compassion until it embraces all living beings without exception, just as a loving mother feels compassion for all her children irrespective of whether they are behaving well or badly.

This universal compassion is the heart of Mahayana Buddhism. Unlike our present, limited compassion, which already arises naturally from time to time, universal compassion must first be cultivated through training over a long period of time." -Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

This special course will show us how to do just this and encourage us in our spiritual life!


10-11.30am: Teaching #1
1.30 - 2.30pm: Meditation
3.30-5pm: Teaching #2


Full Day: $40 At the door. $35 Pre-registration, Students, Seniors 60+
Half-Day: $25 At the door.  $20 Pre-registration, Students, Seniors 60+
Member discounts apply. 

For half day you can attend a Teaching and Meditation session