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US National Kadampa Festival

  • Kadampa Meditation Center New York 47 Sweeney Road Glen Spey, NY, 12737 United States (map)

Everyone is welcome to the US National Kadampa Festival, a truly amazing event to lift your spiritual life to the next level. Join people from across the country to develop meaningful experiences of Dharma, Buddha’s teachings, which can be brought into our daily lives.

What to Expect?


Receive the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and teachings with Gen-la Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU. Enjoy guided meditations from senior teachers of Kadampa Buddhism. In the breaks, enjoy the company of friends in the World Peace Cafe or explore the natural beauty surrounding the World Peace Temple at KMC New York, in Glen Spey.

During the empowerment you will receive the blessing of Medicine Buddha and teachings from How to Solve Our Human Problems with Gen-la Jampa. Through these blessings and teachings, we have the opportunity to begin to heal our mental continuum, help others through engaging in healing actions and bring peace to our world.

Is the Festival appropriate for beginners? 

Yes! Buddha’s teachings can be heard and understood at many levels, and therefore can appeal to a great variety of people regardless of their experience. Whether you know a little about Buddhism or nothing at all, the festival is designed to touch your heart.


Who is Medicine Buddha?

med buddha.png

Medicine Buddha is our best friend, the doctor we have always wanted, someone we can trust completely. He is a supremely qualified doctor as an enlightened being, completely free himself from sickness, aging, death, suffering and problems. Day and night he works continually to bestow powerful healing blessings upon faithful practitioners to release them from their mental and physical sickness. Drawing close to him, we can be released from suffering and pain forever, and then help all others in the same way.

World Peace Temple

Nestled in the Catskills, KMC New York is the annual home of the US Festival. With peaceful walking trails, meditation spots and abundant wildlife, it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your spiritual holiday.

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