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Going Deeper: Practical Study & Meditation for Modern Life

Want to learn more about Buddhism? Want to become more confident in meditation? Want to open your heart and mind? If so, then a Kadampa Buddhist study program is for you!

This Sunday class will introduce you to the options for going deeper in your exploration and practice of Buddha’s teachings.

Foundation Program Class- Sept 2018

Foundation Program Class- Sept 2018

Foundation Program

Foundation Program (FP) offers a more structured and thorough approach to learning Buddhism and taking meditation to a deeper level. The program works like this:

  • Study one book at a time, going through each section slowly

  • Meditate each week on what we studied the previous week

  • Discuss in pairs and with the whole group, to share with each other and learn from each other.

FP is perfect for anyone whether new to Kadampa Buddhism or having already attended GP classes for some time. For the strength of program and each others learning enrollment is required.

Two FP Options

  • Sunday 3:15-5:15pm: Universal Compassion with Gen Kelsang Menla

  • Tuesday 7-9pm: New Heart of Wisdom with Fatin Kratochvil (This new class will begin when at least 10 people have chosen to enroll)

    Contact us with your interest:

Join us for this introductory class, no registration necessary, just drop in!

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Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program (TTP) is a for those who have already become familiar with Kadampa Buddhism and wish to share the teachings and meditation practices of Kadampa Buddhism with others. In addition to the components of FP, TTP includes a retreat program to help students improve their meditation practice and gain deep experience of Dharma teachings, so that they become qualified to pass on these teachings.

In February 2019 we will start the study of The New Essence of Vajrayana, a commentary to the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Heruka Body Mandala. This book was written here in Dallas by Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in 1997 and will be the first time it is studied here at KMC Texas.  

To learn more email our Education Program Coordinator,