Galleria Area Branch

Mondays 6:00-7:00pm

CSL Dallas-  Center for Spiritual Living
4801 Spring Valley Road, Suite# 113-115, Dallas, TX 75244

CSL is located in an office park and we meet in the Meditation Chapel, Suite #113. 




This series is perfect for beginners!

This series will provide an introduction to meditation and instruction and encouragement for starting to practice meditation, mindfulness, and bringing the practice into daily life. Class  includes two guided meditations, a talk on Buddhist meditation for everyday living, and time for Q&A.

Although each class is part of a series, each one stands alone, so you can attend one, two or all classes.

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Meditation For Daily Life

Seeking peace, happiness, and solutions for problems of everyday life? Meditation is a practical tool for transforming your state of mind, solving problems, improving your sense of personal well-being, and creating happiness for both yourself and those around you.

Buddhist meditation offers a thoroughly relevant approach to the issues of modern life and shows how by understanding and transforming our state of mind we can find happiness, peace, and even bliss!

Each class includes simple instruction, guided meditation, and time for your questions. This series will teach you:

  • What is meditation & what it is not

  • The benefits of meditation & how to start

  • Simple meditations you can do at anytime

  • How to bring peaceful and positive states of mind into daily life

This series will be taught from the book The New Meditation Handbook and meditations will be taken from the Living Meditation audio series, which offers 9 guided meditations for daily life. These resources can be found here at Tharpa Publications US.



Carol Salerno is an experienced meditator and Teacher, having studied and practiced Kadampa Buddhism for over 15 years. As a wife, mother,business professional and active volunteer at KMC Texas she has a wealth of practical experience of applying Buddha's teachings in everyday life.  She also has done several long meditation retreats and studies on the Teacher Training program. She brings joy, humor and genuine insight to her teaching.


Sizal Meditation Chapel @ CSL Dallas

Sizal Meditation Chapel @ CSL Dallas

Drop-in fee: Walk in any time
$12 each class  |  $6 for Student & Seniors 60+
Free for members