About the Six Perfections

The Six Perfections are the actual path to enlightenment. If we wish to create good fortune and happiness both now and in the future and if we wish to realize our limitless potential and truly help others, the Six Perfections will take us there. They are Giving, Moral Disciple, Patience, Effort, Concentration and Wisdom, motivated by the supreme good heart. This good heart is our love and compassion for all. 

Practicing the Six Perfections is the very heart of Buddhism and gives us a clear guide for how to live happily. For example, from giving come wealth and good conditions, and Buddha taught giving first because he knows that we like to enjoy ourself! By learning and practicing the other six we will definitely create great good fortune both now and for the future. Join us for this special weekend, which will empower you to develop your peaceful good heart and learn how to carry it out in daily life. 

To learn more about the Six Perfections can you can read an introduction to them in the free e-book Modern Buddhism. Learn about and download the free book here. 

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