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Vajrasattva Retreat

  • Kadampa Meditation Center Texas 1875 Laws Street Dallas, TX, 75202 United States (map)
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Purification is the root of future happiness and spiritual realizations. In our previous lives, when under the influence of negative states of mind, we created a great deal of negative karma. As a result we have been experiencing their suffering results since beginningless time. Now as a human being we have the wonderful opportunity to cleanse our mind of negativity!

How much we purify depends upon the strength of applying the four opponent powers:

  1. The power of regret
  2. The power of reliance
  3. The power of the opponent force
  4. The power of promise

During the guided sessions of this retreat, Gen Kelsang Menla will guide us through applying the four opponent powers so that we can purify all the negative karma we have accumulated.


Gen Kelsang Menla is the Resident Teacher of KMC Texas and an American Buddhist Monk ordained for 16 years. He is an experienced teacher who brings joy and warmth to sharing Buddha's teachings and the practice of meditation. Learn more about Gen Menla on our About Us page. 

Schedule for Guided Sessions

Sunday December 10  3:00-4:30pm   The Power of Regret
Monday December 11  7:30-9pm         The Power of Reliance
Thursday December 14  7:30-9pm      The Power of the Opponent Force
Friday December 15 7:30-9pm              The Power of Promise

Schedule for All Sessions (Guided and Unguided)

* indicates unguided sessions

Sunday December 10
*Session 1:  8-9:30am
 Session 2 : 3-4:30pm The Power of Regret
 Session 3:  6-8 pm     Offering to Spiritual Guide Emphasizing Purification

Monday December 11
*Session 1: 8-9:30am
*Session 2: 11am-12:30pm
*Session 3: 4-5:30pm
 Session 4:  7:30-9pm  The Power of Reliance

Tuesday December 12
*Session 1: 8-9:30am
*Session 2: 11am-12:30pm

Wednesday December 13
*Session 1: 8-9:30am
*Session 2: 11am-12:30pm
*Session 3: 4-5:00pm

Thursday December 14
*Session 1: 8-9:30am
*Session 2: 11am-12:30pm
*Session 3: 4-5:00pm
 Session 4: 7:30-9pm The Power of the Opponent Force

Friday December 15
Precepts 7:00-7:30
*Session 1: 8-9:30
*Session 2: 11am-12:30
*Session 3: 4-5:00pm
 Session 4: 7:30-9pm  The Power of the Promise


Suggested Donation $10/session
Just drop-in, no registration necessary

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